Behind the Lens

Ginny Fobert biographyGinny Fobert Art is the conception and creative expression of photographer Ginny Fobert.
With a career journey that has taken her in many different directions there was always an underlying desire to become a photographer. From real estate and interior design to desktop publishing, writing and editing to home building, project management and event planning. This far from linear path lead Ginny to that very memorable rainy day.

It was on this boring grey day that Ginny ventured out and purchased her first DSLR camera and just started pushing the shutter button. And so the story evolved and in Ginny Fobert’s words,

“The day I discovered photography was the day I also discovered a hidden part of myself.”

Some photographers have a uniform, recognizable style. To Ginny, it seems limiting to only photograph the world in one way, therefore she prefers to not fall into the box of the traditional photographer. Ginny enjoys the adventure of looking for something of interest to photograph and attempts to go beyond, finding a different way to portray each image. Once told that photography was not art, Ginny has spent the past few years experimenting with various photographic techniques, to produce images that would take photography further into the art world. She believes that a photograph is made, not taken. It is made in your own mind and with your own eye, and can indeed be art!

Photography allows Ginny to get outside the box, be a bit rebellious, break some of the rules and get away with it. Photography has also become her way of slowing down, escaping the norm and watching the world move at a more peaceful pace.